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The Black Ruins of Aramoor

The Black Ruins of Aramoor was birthed from every sword and sorcery story we consumed growing up, filled with blood, dark magic and death, imbued with a fatalism not often found in other genres, but as common as the gore splattered pages filling any good, dark, barbaric saga. 

The Story:

A weary, near-dead Ranger carrying a bloody longsword and a half-frozen child appears out of the ice and snow before a troupe of borderlands soldiers. Warmed by their fire, little girl clinging to his side, the Ranger regales them with a tale of woe and death. 


He is Barran, a Gundishman slayer and hunter, part of a posse that tracked a marauding band of Orcs led by a freakish Orcan Shaman, who had ravaged the countryside and had taken a young girl.


This girl.

Wounded, all in his party killed, Barran, in a blood-rage, slaughtered the Shaman and many Orcs, seizing the girl and fleeing into the storm with her. The remaining Orcs, mad with revenge, hound them through the icy, primeval forest.

Exhausted, the gore-encrusted Gundishman drops to his knees in the snow, searching for a place to make a last stand, when he feels the girl’s warm fingers touch his face. Her wide eyes find his weary ones and she points through the trees. The swirling snow parts, revealing the dark ruins of the stronghold that was known as Aramoor, a grim and foreboding sight… and strangely, perhaps a safe haven.

Driven ever downward by the malevolent hoard, Barran and the child seek refuge in the wretched bowels of the Black Ruins of Aramoor, where an even greater evil dwells, an evil ancient and hungry. 

In those depths, in that darkness, Barran makes a terrible deal, and these soldiers are about to pay the bloody price. 

The Future:

Currently being developed as a graphic novel and screenplay.

Originally written for Heavy Metal’s podcast partner Wonderwerks, The Black Ruins was made into their premier offering.


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